The hazards of an old windmill

I understand that, if I am staying in, or visit The Wheel Room, it will involve some element of risk and I am prepared to accept this risk.

The risk includes the possibility of injury on the steep ladder that is the only means of access to this room.

I will climb the ladder slowly and carefully and use the hand rail appropriately.

I will not attempt this manoeuvre when under the influence of alcohol.

Once in the room, I will be aware of the trap door (square hole in the floor) and will take care to shut the door quietly, avoiding trapped fingers.

I am aware that there is a long drop to the floor below and will avoid falling down through the open trap door.

At night I will also be aware that there are people sleeping in the room below and I will make every effort to be as quiet as possible.

I am aware that on stormy nights, the noise of the wind may be strong – ear plugs are available if required.

I am aware that the fire escape from The Wheel Room is down the entrance ladder, through the exterior door and down the external spiral staircase.

At certain times of the year (as with all historic buildings), Flies can become a problem. This is usually during a 1-2 week period late Autumn and early Spring. The main area affected is the shower room above Wheel bedroom. Should this become a problem during your stay we will either relocate you (should an alternative room be available) or refund your stay accordingly. This issue is short lived and we do our best to rectify it as soon as we are made aware.