The earliest records show that the land for the windmill was purchased in 1713 but further records are scanty until 1819 when the windmill was noted for sale.

John Farthing owned and worked Cley Windmill with a sucession of tenant millers from 1819- 1876.

1876: Stephen Barnaby Burroughes bought the windmill and his family continued to work the mill until 1912.

Sister Rachel Helen Wilson

1921: The Mill was sold to a nun Sister Rachel Helen Wilson (Sister Rachel)

1934: She passed it to her nephew Colononel Hubert Blount

1979: Hubert’s son Charles Blount took over the windmill.

2006: It was briefly owned by Charles' nephew John Woodhouse.

2006: It was sold to Dr Julian and Carolyn Godlee

2021: The windmill was sold to its current owners, Natalie and Varian Bush